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How to add emojis to an image

First, click "Open Image File" in the main menu to load an image file.
Open Image File
You can also open a file by dropping the image directly onto the canvas.
Drop Image File

Select an emoji to add

After loading the image, select an emoji to add from the list.
Select an emoji to add
Drop the selected emoji onto the image, and press the "Paste" button to apply it.
add emojis to an image
Size You can set the size of the emoji in pixels.
Opacity Set the opacity of the emoji from 0 to 100.
The larger the value, the more opaque, and the smaller the value, the more transparent.
Emoji Select an emoji to add from the list shown.

Saving Images

When you finish editing, save your image.
Please save the image that is displayed on the canvas directly from the menu of your web browser.
save image as
You can also save your work using "Save Image" in the main menu, but this may not function in some browsers.
save image

Handling of images

This app performs the image processing on the user's device, and does not transmit any imported images externally.
Accordingly, there is no worry of the content of the image being recorded on servers, nor of any leakage to outside parties.
Free Online Image Editor

Add Emoji to Images

This is a free image editor that runs on your web browser.
Add emojis to images with a few easy steps.